Visit to Cardiff Quilters

23 Sep

On Saturday 21 September a group of Glamorgan Quilters accepted an invitation from Cardiff Quilters and visited them at the Heath Citizens Hall in Cardiff.

We had a wonderful welcome and everyone was extremely friendly. After tea and cake and a chat to everyone their meeting started with announcements and then a ‘show and tell’. We had been asked to take along some of our work so we were able to join in. By this point we began to be a little worried as to what had happened to our chair Lynne! There was no sign of her and no text from her. However, not long after she arrived -a little frazzled after an argument with her sat nav!! Sometimes technology isn’t all it’s hyped up to be!

Lunch followed. Members had brought along a wonderful selection of savoury and sweet items and we were spoiled for choice. Their speaker in the afternoon was Robyn Coles, a milliner from Cardiff. She gave a very informative talk about her career as a fashion buyer for Armani and Liberty, how she was made redundant and eventually retrained as a milliner after following a college course in London. She set up her business a couple of years ago and has now opened a shop in the Castle Arcade and has had one of her hats worn by Princess Eugenie. If you want a bespoke hat for a special occasion she’s well worth a look.

Below are some of the pieces of work that were exhibited at the show and tell



Helen Hughes


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