Chicago – Not Just A Quilt Shop Hunt!

3 Oct

I think that many of you know I have been to visit my middle daughter who is working in
Chicago. As soon as we heard she was going I, of course, asked her when could I visit? Well
I knew that I would have to put my name down (so to speak) as there was her boyfriend and
numerous friends who would also be wanting a place too. I was not going to let the six
months go by and then the time run out now was I?

My turn came round so I booked the flights and made sure that ‘he who must not be obeyed’
could take me to Heathrow. The flights were good. However I’m not going to mention the
vegetarian option meal. Suffice it to say it was just as bad on the way back so no surprises
there then! The journey over there was uneventful although I’m afraid I did have what could
be described as ‘a little run in’ with an American customs officer. I was called over to the
booth and stood with my documents in my hand waiting for instructions. He said in a most
sarcastic way that he couldn’t process me if I stood there all day and he needed to see my
passport etc. Well, certainly not the way that I was expecting to be treated on my arrival in
America. I drew myself up to my almost 5′ 1” (and that’s boasting) looked him in the eye
and told him in a most pronounced ‘BBC type’ accent that this was my first visit to America
and as I was unsure of procedures I was waiting on him to give me instructions. All I can
say is that I wasn’t carted off to be grilled under a high voltage lamp and he did soften as the
procedure was completed. Whew!!

Chicago surpassed my expectations. Well almost. As my daughter had already
explained to me that she was over there to work I was expecting to spend the days
organising myself and the evenings and perhaps some of the time during the days with her if
she could manage her work to enable that.

The weather was hot and sunny for the majority of the time so some of my mornings were spent down at the pool which belonged to the apartments. I had it to myself mostly so it felt very luxurious. I enjoyed the museums and lunching in pavement cafe’s or roof top restaurants. Lincoln Park the roof top bar in the Hyatt Building and shopping at Macey’s and Bloomingdale’s on Michigan Avenue were
memories which are tucked away to be enjoyed time and time again.

Oh, and the restaurants and champagne we enjoyed in the evenings were beyond my wildest dreams. One of the restaurants had a ‘chandelier’ made out of upside down wine bottles (with lights interspersed in them). It covered practically the whole ceiling. I did wonder how they kept it clean?

Where was the flaw? Where was the ‘Well almost’ part in my expectations? Sadly I could
only find ONE quilting shop in the whole of Chicago and they were scheduled to
close!!!!!!!!!!!!! This obviously meant some bargains? It was a good job that my outgoing
suitcase weight was well under so I could accommodate just a few fat quarters.

My darling daughter asked me what on earth I was going to do with all that material when I had loads at
home in my sewing room? I smiled and sighed with contentment as my eyes glazed over when I stroked my beautiful material.

Lynne Wheeler


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