A Great Day Felting

5 Jan

On 5 January Glamorgan Quilters organised a felting workshop for members which was a really productive and enjoyable day facilitated by Pat Johnson from Colwinston, Vale of Glamorgan.

Pat gave personal guidance from start to finish so that everyone went home feeling satisfied with their efforts and enthusiastic for more.

Below are some pieces of work that were developed.

Fran created a beautiful landscape

Frans felting

Glynis, as ever, managed to incorporate her beloved sea horses, which looked exquisite!

Glynid sea horses

Amy was also focused on creating a lovely landscape

house felting 3

Monica went abstract

my felting cmplete

And Lynne demonstrated that you need to use a bit of welly to get the desired effects.

Lynne felting

There was no doubt about it – everyone was focused on how they might get as good as Pat – as if! This is Pat’s piece entitled Riot in Red

Pat's felting riot in red

followed by a geatt little grey number, beautiful use of lace and some nuno felting

greay with nuno felting

and an abstact in autumnal colours

Pat;s leaves

Many thanks to Pat for her time, patience, committment and enthusiasm – we look forward to more in the future!

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