Travelling Trunks

5 Dec

At the November meeting we were able to take a look at one of the Travelling Trunks that are available to hire from the Quilters Guild. Members enjoyed going back in time to the 1950’s, 1920’s and even back as far as the 1800’s to compare some exquisite work with the work that we do today!


Whole cloth Quilts.



Unfinished Paper Pieced Hexagons.

Christmas Decorations.

Everyone worked hard during the meeting to finish the decorations for the Christmas Tree Festival at Holy Cross Church, Cowbridge. Many members had worked at home, too so we had a gorgeous selection ready to go on the tree. Watch this space to see your tree on display!


Even though Helen Morgan was unable to come to this meeting, she sent along a lovely example of Noel Bunting she had made from a Lynne Edwards pattern for members to see. Decorate your home this Christmas or give it away as a gift? I’d be delighted to find it in my stocking!



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