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My interest in sewing was revived when a group of friends established a Stitch & Bitch group, which was designed to ensure that we met once a week to have a good natter and share our enthusiasm for all things stitching. One summer, one of these friends took me along to the Penarth Quilters exhibition.

My reaction was that ‘I could never do that’to which she replied ‘of course you can’. Always up for a challenge I signed up for a patchwork and quilting class and the rest as they say ‘is history!’

Although still a novice at patchwork and quilting I have quickly become obsessed, like many other apparently,with collecting fabric. It’s a bit like shoes, a girl can never have too many pairs!

Below are one or two of my creations

The Cluedo quilt created for my son. I have superimposed his face on Colonel Mustard’s playing card.


I am mad about Scottie Dogs so just had to make Scottie dog quilt – just needs finishing – story of my life!

scottie dogs

This quilt I did at Patchwork class. the design is based on an old Welsh Quilt. It is hand stitched and quilted! Never again – life is too short!

Purple quilt complete2

I was inspired to make this doll by a dear friend who loved them. It is my version of the Queen of Hearts

queen of hearts 2

And here is a cute little teddy made from a recycled linen tablecloth dyed china blue. I have added a bobbin design fabric to his paws, pads and ears and given him a bow tie made from tape measure ribbon – so that he feels completely at home in my sewing room!

Teddy blue

You can click here to see more of my creations

One Response to “Monica Dennis”

  1. Pam Stead 07/07/2014 at 8:31 pm #

    This is a wonderful selection of your work, Monica. You have come a long way quilting-wise since we went to Penarth together that fateful day!

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