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Selling Stash and Sewing – Bliss!

1 Feb

During the last month some of the GQ members have been busy having a fabric clear out and for those who hadn’t been so industrious they were in the fortunate position that they could buy even more fabric to add to the existing mountains that they have at home!

Once the sales had been exhausted everyone settled down to work – or to chat – as the case maybe.


There are some wonderful projects in progress. The original plan for this piece of work was that it would be a rug – but realising that it was far too good to be tramped on it will now hang on the wall when it is finished.

wall hanging rug

Fran is continuing to make her book – and as ever it is beautiful.

Frans book

And, what a jolly children’s quilt!

children's quilt

Helen, who was standing in for the Lynne, who is abroad on holiday, kept everyone up to date with the latest news, which can be found in the February newsletter

In addition there is news that workshops will be taking place at Peterston Super Ely Village Hall on 25 January and every third Saturday throughout the year (10.00am -12 noon) Workshops are focused on how to make a sampler quilt. For more information email institches4@hotmail.com

And, Fran Barrett is planning a coach trip to the Malvern Quilt Festival on Friday 16 May. There will be two pick up points – Porthcawl and Cowbridge. The bus will leave Porthcawl at 8.30am and Cowbridge around 8.50-9.00. Cost is Seniors £16.00; Non seniors £17.00. These prices are provided the bus can be filled. For more information or to book a place email barrettfran@yahoo.co.uk