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Quilt Happy

14 May

Today was another busy day at GQ HQ with members busy on projects and learning new skills. GQ member Wendy Floyd continued demonstrating how to make pleated squares. It surely can’t be long before we see a cushion or a quilt as a result?

pleated squareweb

Wendy with group

Wendy with group

group pleated squares web

As ever there was lots of work in progress. Jayne brought in one of 4 panels of painted witches that she is stitching.

Jayne Evans witchesweb

Margaret was busy working on her hexagon quilt

Margaret Harrisweb

And Rhona had finished making a beautiful box

Rhoda Boudier box web

The group also welcomed Nick Thornton from the Vale Photography Society who gave a very interesting talk and practical demonstration on how to take a good photo of your quilt.

It was great to see members getting involved and a treat to see some beautiful work.

Pat Wallace's Falklands quilt

Pat Wallace’s Falklands quilt

Jeannie Duncan Farr's quilt

Jeannie Duncan Farr’s quilt

Monica Dennis' White Rabbit art quilt

Monica Dennis’ White Rabbit art quilt

Detail from Pat Hixon's Compass quilt

Detail from Pat Hixon’s Compass quilt

Detail fro Pat Hixon's quilt

Detail fro Pat Hixon’s quilt

Monica Dennis' Kiwi quilt

Monica Dennis’ Kiwi quilt

And the GQ Signature Quilt……

signature quiltweb

A very productive and enjoyable day!!!

thought members might enjoy this?

Married to a quilterweb