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British – Finnish Stash Quilts Challenge

11 Jun

Calling all Quilter’s Guild of the British Isles (QGBI) members
Why not have a go? You need to:
Select between 4 and 6 pieces of fabric from your stash (e.g. 4 fat quarters), corresponding to approximately 1 metre (40 inches) of fabric

Put the fabric in a large envelope, along with a card bearing the name and address of the sender
Post it to Millie Thomas – email thomas@hillcott.demon.co.uk for the address

In Finland, envelopes will be collected in the same way. The envelopes will then be exchanged between Britain and Finland.

Every participant will then receive an envelope of fabrics from the other country. With these, along with other fabrics from your own stash, you should make a quilt 32 inches long and 16 inches wide

In both Britain and Finland a jury will select 30 quilts from their country. The 60 stash quilts will be exhibited at the festival of Quilts 2014

Rules of entry for QGBI members
All envelopes of fabric must reach Millie Thomas by 9 September 2013
Participants will receive an exchange envelope by 28 September
A high quality image of the completed 32 inch long by 16 inch wide quilt must reach Millie Thomas by 1 April 2014 – either a digital image or printed photograph by post
Successful applicants will be notified by 1 May 2014
Selected quilts must reach St Anthony’s by 1 June 2014: all 30 quilts will be sent to Finland together Any further instructions will be issued with notification of acceptance of your quilt