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A Feast for the Eyes!

1 Nov

The GQ meeting today was, as always busy, busy, busy!

Today was the day that we distributed the packs for making the Signature Quilt to mark 35 years of Glamorgan Quilters. And, we were thrilled at the enthusiasm to get involved. 50 packs were distributed and there will be more available at the Christmas meal and the January meeting. We plan to capture the current and past membership that has helped to make Glamorgan Quilters the thriving group that it is today.

We are most grateful to Ann Lewis who provided the templates and instructions for the construction of the squares. And, to Hilary Carney who helped ease the making with her design of templates for the text needed on the squares.

Hilary ans Marj

It was wonderful to see the group efforts to take the task in hand…. even if they did destroy the master template in the process!!! All in the name of good fun!

group square

As well as all this entertainment we had show and tell – a wonderful opportunity to admire some beautiful works of art and we were not disappointed, there was lots to see – from small quilts….

20Catherine's sewing quilt

Catherines quilts

Julias 1

pink quilt

stained glass window

….to large

Sainders quilt

Trudas quilt

Sandra showed a photo of a wonderful quilt that she had made – and which had a matching headboard!

Sandras bed cover

There were a number of gifts for grandchildren

childs quilt

Pam childs bag

pink quilt grandaughter

welsh quilts

Helens house quilt

New member Karen was like Mary Poppins bringing one after another out of her bag!

Karen collage

Glynis was like the Blue Peter presenters showing a lovely heart wreath that she had made earlier in the day!

Glynis hearts

Monica continued the theme of vintage showing pieces of work that had been made with recycled vintage table cloths and pillow cases

colage MD

And there was nostalgia, with members bringing along pieces of work that they had made long ago but still enjoyed.

star hanging

Xmas tree

Star attractions were this beautiful quilt that had been made to celebrate a friends special birthday

birthday quilt with story

And, this beautiful table runner won first prize at the Royal Welsh show!

tabel runner won welsh show

New member Pat showed her beautiful Christmas stocking bunting….

Pam stockings

And, to round things off Julia entertained members with a photo album she had from past workshops that she had run!

Julias photos

A huge thank you to everyone who took time to bring ome of their work along. We look forward to more in the future!

Christmas is Coming!

4 Oct

At our October meeting a number of members were busy preparing for Christmas! Many visited the activity table to help make Christmas decorations for the GQ tree which will be on display during the Holy Cross Christmas tree festival between 27-29 November 2015. Many thanks to those who gave their time …. and, we look forward to receiving more next month!

Xmas decs

There were also a number of other members who were busy preparing Christmas goodies for themselves…

xmas is coming

Apm Hitchcock box

After canvassing for workshop ideas Jackie Pugh offered to run a workshop to make this beautiful table runner which can either be made for Christmas or anytime of the year – we will keep you posted.

Jackie Pugh quilt for workshop

And, Ann Williams brought some small quilts that a friend (from an English quilt group) had made. They were made to represent a book title, film etc. For example, the first one below is the film Free Willy. Can you guess the rest?

ann williams 3

ann williams2

Ann williams quilts1

We also welcomed new member Pat Wallace – great addition to the group as she immediately got stuck in with the Christmas decorations!

Pat Wallace

And. we said hello to guest Karen, a friend of Salinders who also gave her time to make decorations – very much appreciated!

And, last but not least, a big thank you to Hilary who stood in at short notice to give a talk. Continuing the vintage theme from Caroline’s talk last month she took us through a journey of her sewing career with a memories journal that she had made for her sister Jocelyn. And, to support that journey she showed many pieces of haberdashery and embroidery memorabilia.


Hilarys haberdashery

A great day and looking forward to the next already!

Patchwork Shops in New South Wales

16 May

On my recent travels to Australia I couldn’t help but find some patchwork shops to feed the fabric obsession!

I managed to find two. Not many you might say but I did have to manage this round my other half’s indifference to all things fabric. My friend’s husband wasn’t much better either!

The first one I came across was on a trip to the Blue Mountains in a lovely town called Leura. Not only a fabulous patchwork shop there but lots of lovely gift and clothes shops as well. Even more reason to get huge groans from the spouse!

The shop was called Picklemouse Corner
and it had four rooms full of fabric and haberdashery- bliss! I was so pleased to be able to pick up some lovely aborigine designs and a koala bear pattern – courtesy of my dear friend!

It was a fascinating shop because not only did it sell all things patchwork, it also housed a vintage clothes shop which sold kimonos, and they also sold fudge!?

The second shop was Patchwork on Pittwater, the town where my friend lived.

It was a fabulous shop with a large workroom where you could just go and sit and sew using the machines that were available or join a workshop. Plus, there was the most amazing selection of fabric for sale. You couldn’t really not buy any!

pittwater shop

The woman who owned the shop was busy making a quilt for a wedding present. It was the most beautiful fabric with Kookaburra’s on it.

cookaboro patchwork web

Only two shops but perhaps enough – I didn’t really need anymore fabric anyway!

Monica Dennis