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Beauty From The Ashes Quilt Project

28 Apr

On a recent visit to see relatives in Australia I visited Marysville, a small town in the Yarra Valley. It is a pretty town surrounded by waterfalls, not far from Lake Mountain and an alpine resort. It is on the doorstep of the Yarra Ranges National Park.

It is a town that was devastated by bush fires in 2009. 34 of its residents died and all but 14 of its 400 buildings were destroyed.

Despite the overwhelming devastation caused by the fires, the town is being lovingly restored to its former glory by its residents, who have shown great resilience and strength.

To show support for the Marysville community, two women Julie Bell and Julie Warren organised the making of a quilt

Quilters from across Australia contributed and the quilt was presented to the town in February 2010, the first anniversary of the fire. It now hangs in the town’s tourist information office, which is where I came across it.

Mary ville quilt1

What kind and thoughtful people there are in the world. I am sure the gesture was of great help to the community in the aftermath of the traumas they had suffered.

Monica Dennis