Truda Theodore

Truda Theodore is the only remaining founder member in Glamorgan Quilters.

Founder member Truda Theodore

Founder member Truda Theodore

Truda recalls that the group was started by Jean Davies and Jilly Meredith who were members of Quilters Guild. They decided to set up a group in Glamorgan and in 1980 organised an exhibition in St Donats. Those involved in exhibitiong were Truda, Mary Jenkins. Carol Thompson and Dot Perks. A book was made available at the exhibition encouraging people to leave their name and contact details if they were interested in joining the group.

As a result of the interest shown the group was established in the Old Hall, Cowbridge. Jean paid the rent because the group had no money. She also paid for the postage on the letters that she sent to those who had expressed an interest in joining the group.

At the first meeting 20 people turned up and paid 50p each. Judy Mendelssohn and Wendy Surridge came that day.

Judy Mendelssohn

Judy Mendelssohn

The group met once a month and was the only quilting group in South Wales at the time. Slowly other groups started to energe.

Gilly was treasurer. She had a Nescafe jar for the money. Initially there was no bank account. Truda was secretary for 12 years

Jean taught people as did other group members. They were all doing patchwork already. All Truda had been doing was hexagons. Jean was area representative for region 12 of the Quilters Guild

As the group established talks were organised. Diane organised Ginny Beyer to give a talk and various people from the Guild were engaged to run workshops. As a result of its success the membership grew to 70 members.

About Truda

Having moved on from hexagons Truda is now accomplished at various patchwork techniques. She favours traditional designs and uses mainly cotton fabrics in her work. She uses patterns from magazines and likes stars. Her quilts are hand stitched and machine quilted.

She has recently donated a quilt top to to Marj Abrahams for the 2016 RNLI quilt raffle.

Truda's quilt top donation to RNLI

Truda’s quilt top donation to RNLI

We asked Truda if/how Glamorgan Quilters had changed over the years. She responded by saying there are a lot more artistic quilts rather than tradiitional.

In terms of patchwork and quilting generally she pointed out that there has been a considerable increase in the range of fabrics and a lot more aids available to make patchwork and quilting that much easier. She reflected on how she used to make her own templates and that she initially used a hand operated Singer sewing machine befroe moving on to an electric one.

Below are two of Trudas quilts, which we hope she will be submitting to our forthcoming exhibition

Truda's lap quilt

Truda’s lap quilt

Truda's King Size quilt

Truda’s King Size quilt

Truda is also a member of Merched Morgannwg


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