Betty Nicholls


Betty has been quilting since the 1970s. She took up the hobby after her sister in law returned from a visit to the USA where she had learnt how to do patchwork. This got Betty interested and the rest is history as they say.

She enjoys doing hexagons because you don’t need a machine. You can cut, sew and arrange anywhere.

Betty tells us that she got into American style paper piecing after attending classes with Julia Fulford.

Most of the things that she makes nowadays are used to raise funds for charity as Betty says “There are only so many quilts that you can make for people”

She supports various charities such as those that support the forces, RNLI etc.

Betty says “I can’t sit and do nothing and when I start something I have to finish it” so she is always busy making things to sell such as Christmas decorations from curtain rings, pin cushions from silicone cupcakes, coathangers and doorstops. In fact she has just completed 19 doorstops!

In addition to the above she shares resources that she comes across with local schools; infant, primary and special needs schools. She is keen to encourage children and young people to get involved in crafting. Her husband calls their home a ‘transit station’ where items come in and are then shared with various groups or organisations.

As well as being a member of Glamorgan Quilters Betty is also a member of a group that meets in Sarn. This group quilts but also does beading, knitting and other various crafts.

We asked Betty what she likes most about Glamorgan Quilters. She said that she enjoys the company which is a great reason to come out. It is friendly and there is always help at hand if you need advcie or assistance with anything. And, keeping active with the hands helps maintain dexterity of the hands.

Betty offered two tips to share with the group, which are as follows:

When you buy fabric because you love it and have an idea of what you might like to make with it put a note on it to remind you.

When you are threading a needle put the knot in before cutting the thread off the reel. This will ensure that you have the right end of the cotton and it won’t know up as much.

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